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Created by Pavão and Cacá Marcondes, from a demo sent by Pavão to MTV, VJs Paladinos' Megaliga MTV was the first Brazilian animated series aired on MTV Brazil. During its years of exhibition, between 2003 and 2008, it was the Brazilian series with the largest number of episodes, 52 of 22 minutes.
From the second season (2004) on, it was also directed by Thiago Martins.


Episode Sample



Produced by: MTV Cartoon Drugstore
Directed by: Cacá Marcondes, Pavão and Thiago Martins

Screenplay: Cacá Marcondes, Flávia Boggio and Marcos Paulo Marques

Art: Pavão and Thiago Martins

Art Assistants: Jefferson Costa and PQ

Animation: Thiago Martins, Pavão, Jefferson Costa and PQ

Music and Sound FX: Arthur Joly

Production: Andréa Fragoso and Ivan Vom Simson

Main Voices: Cazé Pecini, Didi Wagner, Daniela Cicareli, Edgard Picoli, Sarah Oliveira, Thaíde, Rafael Losso, Leo Madeira, Marina Person, João Gordo, Penélope Nova, Max Fivelinha, Marcos Mion, Fernanda Lima, Gabriel Moogen, Carla Lamarca, Fernando Meligeni, André Vasco, Luiza Micheletti, Felipe Solari, Keyla e Kenya, Paulo Bonfá, Marco Bianchi, Massacration, Hermes e Renato.

Mixing: Fon Jimenes, Beto Montalvão and Eduardo Aguiar (Alemão)

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