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Founded by Thiago Martins, Pavão and Cazé Pecini, Estricnina is an animation studio specialized in TV series, films and animations for advertising.

In 2004 Pavão and Thiago created the animation studio of MTV Brasil, where they made series exclusively for the network. 

With their own production technique, they were pioneers in the development of animated series in Brazil and for many years, the directors with the largest number of episodes of Brazilian animation shown on TV. There they created, directed, drew, scripted and even did the voices of the hits Megaliga MTV, Fudêncio e Seus Amigos, Infortúnio com a Funérea (talk show), Rockstar Ghost and The Jorges. 

In 2007, the studio disconnected from MTV Brasil and changed its name to Estricnina, now with Cazé Pecini forming the trio.
 Since then they have developed their own projects such as Cheesegang, Soraya, Deadline and Gigablaster (the latter in partnership with Gloob channel) and "Te Prego La Fora", the Christmas Special, in partnership with the group Porta dos Fundos for Paramont+.

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